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I specialize in setting up and fixing internal operations for start-up, rapidly growing, or turn-around companies. I am particularly focused on financial and administrative systems and reporting, including general ledger and human resource conversions, and building processes to drive results that maximize profitability and scalability.

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About Me

Definitely not your typical CFO.

The nicest performance review I ever received was when I was compared to Mr. Wolf, the Harvey Keitel character in Pulp Fiction. Because that's what I do - I fix problems, efficiently and reliably, but with a much better sense of humor and usually a lot less swearing.

I don't have a "cookie cutter" CFO background. I started my career studying for a PhD at the University of Chicago, but left academia for the publishing world after getting my master's degree. I quickly realized that I much more enjoyed "behind the scenes" work  rather than creating content, so after several years in operations, I went back for my MBA at UCLA. After graduating, I took some time to backpack solo around Africa, and then I returned to Los Angeles to work in the dot-com world. Now I help start-up, early growth, and turnaround companies set up or improve their systems. 

In sum, I am a “fixer” – I assess what needs to be done for the company to efficiently operate, and I create and manage those processes. I am an excellent writer and public speaker (including performing storytelling at venues throughout LA) and am particularly good at working with everyone from board members to junior staff to understand their role in the needs and requirements of any large undertaking. I am a consummate planner, organizer, and problem-solver, an extraordinary multitasker, and have excellent attention to detail.

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